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Transform your company with Artificial Intelligence… starting with people in the know!


Albelissa supports the AI revolution from within your IT and Engineering departments, starting from recruitment of the right professional figures to implement new digital solutions to bestow a new technological heart to the company.

In such a significant moment of change, in which companies must equip themselves to adopt advanced digital systems and start innovative projects, the main challenge is to find people with the right skills.

The decisive step of new high-tech product initiatives takes place with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence within the company’s products. Artificial Intelligence is the technology enabling machines to learn from experience and perform human-like tasks.

The skills of our technical recruiters allow us to recognize the talent and expertise of the best candidates to bring technological innovation into your business.

In addition to the traditional and IT figures and specialized Engineers, our focus has expanded to technical figures such as the Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer and Deep Learning Engineer, which are fundamental for launching Artificial Intelligence projects in your company and keeping pace with your customers’ projects.


Our service for your company

To bring innovative transformation into a company, it is not enough to have the right technologies: there is the need for professionals who know how to manage them and deal with any problems – as well as to adapt them to business growth – to make sure that everything works smoothly and accurately.

You can count on the experience of our recruiters to get you the best candidates, and the effectiveness of our Applicants Tracking System (ATS) database platform to optimize the research processes and the collaboration between teams.



Find out which figures your company needs to take the decisive step towards innovative transformation

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Maximize the recruitment process with an in-depth analysis of your modus operandi and a subsequent optimization plan


Find the best candidates for your open jobs thanks to the advice of expert recruiters and network


About us

Albelissa is an international company that offers high value-added services in the field of research and selection of technical personnel and Vendor Advisory Services.

Technical Recruitment has been our strong point since 2005, with our dedicated Albelissa Recruiting division that excels in the research and selection of technical figures for its customers in engineering and IT sectors..

In addition to traditional IT and engineering figures, our focus extends to figures such as Machine Learning Engineer, Deep Learning Engineer, Neural Network Engineer, and Data Scientists and Digital Leaders to support the ongoing digital revolution.

From a single entry to a structured RPO, Albelissa Recruiting, with its know-how, is the perfect strategic partner to find the resources that will contribute to the success of your company.

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